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Wine brings people together

Updated: May 12, 2023

Wine brings people together and elevates a simple event into a memorable affair. From mimosas at brunch to sharing an inky red whilst cuddling up in front of a fireplace, wine offers warmth and enjoyment to the people living the moment with you. There are not many gatherings where we do not end up discussing wine, sometimes it is technical most of the time is all about the experiences of a particular wine or just the experiences we’ve had because of wine.

With the hottest days of summer done and dusted it is time for us winter people to come out of hibernation again. The air has a feeling of accomplishment in it as we finish up the harvest season with slightly cooler days and beautiful early autumn evenings. Living in our delightful town, Wellington the stretch after harvest means strolling through the vineyard with the dogs chasing the peasants, catching up with friends just before that golden sunset, getting back on the mountain bike in the endless single tracks, or hiking on the slopes of Groenberg mountain, lighting the fire for the braai, or getting time to finish that DIY project that has been on my mind for months.

And because wine is a celebration of all living things, there’s something special about enjoying it in nature. For us, it is about the last bit of the outdoors that we can squeeze out of summer. And wine. We simply cannot escape it, not that we’d want to. We are already looking forward to this vintage’s Cape Fern Sauvignon Blanc that is resting on its fine lees waiting for the perfect moment to be racked and bottled for its release next month.

The best thing about drinking wine outdoors is that there are fewer formalities. Expensive wine accessories must make place for simpler, down-to-earth alternatives. When taking it easy outside, the rules are different, more relaxed, and more fun. Leaving behind the household luxuries and trimmings that can sometimes be associated with drinking wine, the outdoor setting sets the scene.

For our family enjoying wine outdoors during autumn is all about leisure. It’s about enjoying the wine and your time outside where comforting sounds and eye-soothing scenery are the only distractions from what’s in your glass. It’s about friends and family and the laughs we share because when you do that well, you are relaxing and growing. And that is what life is all about.

Here’s to inviting your friends, pouring your favorite wine, and playing your favorite tunes. Simply together.

Till next time.

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Love how u always have a nice and amusing way of telling a wine story. Would love to taste your brand. Where can i buy it?

Celeste Truter
Celeste Truter
May 18, 2023
Replying to

Thanks for your kind words. You can order directly from me via email ( or via the website alternatively use the link to place an order.

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