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About Wine

Embark on a captivating journey through the diverse and vibrant world of South African wines with our dedicated page. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of flavors, aromas, and histories that define the unique terroir of South Africa. 



Wine growing areas of South Africa

Embark on a journey through South Africa's diverse and vibrant wine regions with these comprehensive region maps.


South African Terroir

Many of the wine-producing areas in the Cape are shaped by the powerful forces of the two vast oceans that converge at the southernmost point of Africa: the Atlantic and the Indian oceans. The convergence of these oceans, along with favorable maritime elements such as consistent coastal fog and refreshing sea breezes, complemented by a moderate Mediterranean climate, distinctive topography, and diverse soils, collectively provide the perfect environment for crafting wines with distinct character and complexity.

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Wine Wise - A South African perspective

 Unintentionally, what began as a casual sharing of knowledge bloomed into the creation of a comprehensive book on South African Wines.


Taste like a PRO!

Incorporating tasting notes into a wine-tasting experience is a practical and enjoyable way to deepen one's understanding of wines, communicate with others, and create a lasting record of personal preferences and discoveries.

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Old Vine Project

Wines that are made from old vines (vines that are 35 years and older) are a tribute to the grower’s love of the land. They exist because of the people who touched and tended them over many years. They reflect the terroir, landscape, and people who lovingly tend these vineyards across the Cape.

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