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Bacardi Truter

Basjan Truter

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Hugo Truter

Co-Founder, Winemaker

"I am not a wine purist in any sense, I simply enjoy everything about wine – the vineyards, blending, bottling, marketing, packaging, and above all – the tasting!
Hugo joined the wine industry in 1996 with a Bachelor’s degree in Oenology and Viticulture with big plans and a lot of enthusiasm.
 His harvests in France and South Africa have earned him the title for SA Young Wine of the Year 2007, as well as numerous Veritas medals and a Top 10 Pinotage medal. He has made a seamless transition from everyday winemaking into the business and marketing while still enjoying the challenges of winemaking itself. His favorite Truter family wine is undoubtedly the Blokhuis Grenache blanc.


Celeste Truter

Co-Founder, Winemaker

It was also in 1996, after finishing a Bachelor’s degree in Oenology and Viticulture at Stellenbosch University that Celeste pursued her life in the wine industry. This Ethical Trade and Sustainable production of wine enthusiast cut her teeth as a winemaker for an international wine brand before the twins were born. Nowadays she finds herself involved from the vine to the bottle and everything in between. Her favourite wine is the Agaat John David Cape Blend.


Basson Truter

Is rugby a career?

Basson enjoys sports and helping us in the vineyards during harvest time. His kind heart and inquiring mind keep us humble and on our toes. 


Chris Truter

You be the judge.

Chris is our free spirit, he is always pushing the limits. The bravest and most determined person we know. Never a dull moment with him.