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The gift.

If there is one thing that I hope has a ripple effect in this world, it is the art of giving.


And if there is one revolution that I hope millions of people will participate in and take over the world, it is this one.

For me, generosity is one of the most beautiful qualities imaginable. It amazes me that there are people who give so much that you would never think that they might be in need themselves. A harsh reminder to myself that giving does not start when I have enough.

Generosity is remarkable. We see it in nature and the hand of its Creator. A field full of plants in wide-open spaces that sometimes bloom without a single soul seeing it. Breathtaking mountains with snowy peaks and dark gorges that only a handful of people have ever explored. And yet every crag and cliff were designed in grandeur even if it would take centuries for the first man to discover its beauty or master those heights. There are deserts in Namibia adorned with an abundance of beauty and majesty and have you ever looked down onto a flower and its finest pollen buds, each perfectly created, like fine, fine art. There certainly is a bounty in nature.

The act of giving with open-handedness should in my books also cover more than just material needs because there is a message, a meaning, that lies in the intention behind this phenomenon: It is an expression of our affection, love, and respect for others.

The gift of generosity gives me hope.

You give because you care, whether it's time, kindness, support, money, or anything that you have been blessed with. And when you give like this it creates a ripple effect that makes a world full of hopelessness a better place for everyone.

Which brings me to wine. Wine can be such a generous gift and I love to give – and of course, receive – a bottle of wine. And when we (Hugo and I) gift someone our wine, we give so much more than just a bottle of wine – we give something of ourselves. It is loaded with intention; it goes beyond just producing a drink; it's about crafting an experience that connects people.

It is also these connections with winemakers that give us the opportunity to blend wines from all over the Winelands, some of these connections are brief whilst others grow with time into friendships and mutual respect for each other’s approach to winemaking. The Cape Fern Shiraz is a great example of such a relationship, although most of the wine for this blend is from our surrounding vineyards, we also bought a few barrels of Darling Shiraz from Annette, we’ve known her for many years and we have a lot of respect for her dedication to wine – we rarely see her without a purple smile!

It just shows you that wine is a powerful catalyst that brings people together. Wine has been cherished throughout human history as a symbol of warmth, joy, and shared experiences.

Raise your glass high and toast to the magnificence of nature and its countless gifts. Let our openhanded generosity be a reminder of the beauty and abundance that surrounds us.


Till next time.

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Cape Fern Shiraz 2021 Tasting Note
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